Unbiased Advice for Each Client

We start with a full assessment of the strategic and financial aspects of each veterinary practice. We analyze the practice, including its veterinarians, staffing, operations and facilities, as well as assess the local competition. We do a detailed financial analysis on revenue, costs and margins. From this analysis, we provide recommendations on valuation, strategic and financial opportunities and attractiveness to the market. We are an independent firm, so we always provide unbiased advice about which strategic and financial direction is right for each client.

Practice Sales

Bayfield Veterinary Advisors advises practice owners on selling their veterinary practices to the veterinary consolidators. We know all 20 major consolidators and what they are looking for when they acquire a vet practice. We can organize and execute your sale practice and deliver the best value to you.

Acquisitions and Financing

Bayfield Veterinary Advisors advises veterinary practices on acquiring existing veterinary practices, setting up de novo locations, and raising equity and debt capital to
finance these acquisitions and expansions.

General Advisory

Bayfield Veterinary Advisors provides general strategic and financial advice, including capital structuring, restructuring, new practice development and general advisory, including valuation, and profitability and margins analysis.